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We, at Country Style, provide a wide range of services catering to commercial, residential or council needs fulfilling all kinds of professional architectural requirements.

Services provided by Country Style:

Commercial, Council or Residential: Country Style has successfully created a name for itself as a preferred landscaper for quite a few Residential, Council and Commercial projects. Country Style specializes in every aspect of landscape construction from huge commercial developments to residential gardens.

Professional architectural services available: Country Style strives for excellence providing professional architectural services and paying attention to every necessary detail.

Earth Moving (large construction through to home landscaping): Country Style, with its experienced professionals, can help clients in every facet of earthmoving which includes all kinds of excavation, general leveling of site, sand fill, site cut/bench, footing levels, rubbish removal, site clearing, paving preparations and landscape preparations.

Retaining Walls: Country Style assists with supplies and installations required for retaining walls which include concrete walls, rock walls, block walls and many more.

The Country Style team sits down with its client on site for designing and constructing a retaining wall solution that suits the site or dwelling of the client.

Paving, Concreting, Pebble Mix, and Tiling: Country Style assists clients in installation of every kind of paving requirement, small or large.

Outdoor Living Areas: Country Style designs and creates attractive outdoor living areas by constructing and adding,

Landscaping: Country Style designs and constructs all kinds of landscape requirements of clients that include,

Turf: Country Style designs and builds smooth turfs that are,

Drainage or Irrigation: Country Style efficiently meets all drainage and irrigation requirements of clients with the help of,

We, at Country Style, strive to meet and exceed the landscape expectations of all our clients. You can visit our contact us page to get in touch.